Why you should continue to play

Psychologists who look at the development of the human brain and how a person takes their form say that playing is one of the most important formative activities. As adults we tend to lose the ability or the inclination to play. Playing offers unexpected results, new perspectives and insights on challenges and problems we face.

The Toolbox (totellastory.net/the-toolbox) offers some great advice to writers who have collected some material on a story they want to work on. The great masters I write about in the different chapters of The Toolbox have a lot to offer when it comes to thinking about your characters, the obstacles they face, their enemies and what they ultimately want to achieve.

But when you are at the very beginning, with an idea that just occurred to you, a vague feeling about who could be the main character of your story, they do not offer much in terms of advice on how to move forward from here.

In the coming weeks  I will post here a series of games I use to play when I am at the very beginning of a story. These games help me think and they help me take a look outside of the box. They are simple games, you can play them on your own or also with friends or fellow writers.

Look out for posts in the coming weeks, have fun and don’t forget to honor your ideas by jotting them down as they come along.

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