NLP analysis and choice assist for content providers of the 21st century

A digital tool for all „more-of-the-same“ industries

By Michael Esser, PHD and Sergei Monakhov, PHD

SIM/script helps content providers to make smart and informed decisions about future offers.
Better decision making in content choice increases consumer satisfaction and loyalty.

Actors in the entertainment industry are not known for conformity. Yet, there is a rare match among them: they all acknowledge that a script is the most important element in the success of a TV show or a feature film.
The hunger for content in the entertainment industry increases, new outlets enter the scene with no end in sight, and the competition for eyeballs gets tougher every day.
The entertainment industry will always strive for innovation and new ideas, but its core business relies on an uninterrupted supply of “more of the same,” products of a defined type such as a specific TV show or a movie genre, that have shown to be successful.
There can never be too many action and adventure dramas, romance comedies, mystery thrillers or horror movies. Fans of “Friends,” “Breaking Bad,” or “The Walking Dead” wish their series never ended. Horror Fans will never complain about an oversupply of new movies.
“More of the same” is a strong incentive for consumers to return to a specific outlet. Yet, methods to guarantee content consistency are very expensive, unreliable or both.
SIM/script enables content providers to reach and maintain content consistency.

THE SIM/script approach
SIM_script helps meet the need for reliable content supply according to a defined set of criteria.
SIM_script’s approach is simple:
Based on a set of good samples SIM_script will find more of it.
SIM_script searches and maps linguistic patterns in a sample set of templates (best in class), and captures the emotional arc.
SIM_script compares those patterns with findings in test candidates. It ranks test candidates according to their fidelity to the established ideal patterns in the set of the best in class.
SIM_script does what algorithms do best: It parses through large bodies of data in search of patterns and gives statistical feedback according to frequency, positioning, or interrelatedness of these findings.
SIM_script does not substitute or replace the experts, let alone the creators.

Status Quo
Based on 7,500 screenplays divided in eight main genres we have conducted successfully two beta testing rounds.

We plan to make SIM/script soon available for a small group of industry players. You will be able to provide us with a screenplay to test again the best-of-class in their genre. We will provide you with insights in how the sampled screenplay testa against them

Stay tuned.

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