Totellastory is about telling your story

Writing screenplays can be great fun if the story you tell is rock solid

Totellastory is not about one guy’s opinion on how stories are best written and what event should come where, when and how.

Totellastory gives you the tools (many for free – check out The Toolbox) to write your story, make it a screenplay, keep improving it until it becomes the story you want to tell in all its shining glory.

Totellastory offers actionable advice, ready-to-use tools, and real-world help from someone who’s been in the trenches of screenwriting himself.

This is not the “I know everything but never did it myself” approach. Michael is an accomplished and awarded writer who knows firsthand what it means to get stuck and what it takes to sort out the mess.


Michael loves stories. He is passionate about making unique voices heard.

Michael has worked with writers all over the world on their vision, and helped uncounted stories make it out of the drawer to the screen. Thirty years of writing, collaborating and giving advice, taught Mike to look to the past and the remote when it comes to the right source of wisdom for a fellow writer to succeed.   

Michael has option rights to bestsellers in nonfiction and fiction, as well as Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism, and has brought international partners together for development.

Michael worked as a juror for Bluecat, the Emmys and the Peter Ustinov Prize for Emerging Screenwriters, and he is a member of the selection committee for scriptwriting of the German Academy of Television.

Michael’s clients and fellow writers have sold their material to Fremantle, Sony, Universal, MGM, and many more.

Michael has written and co authored more than 60 features, made for tv movies and over 30 episodes for scripted TV, family drama, crime thrillers and comedy. His own material has been optioned by Fremantle, Alive Entertainment and Rainmaker Content.

His adaptation of Ugly Betty saw 685 episodes and became the most successful access prime-time show of all time on German television. The show earned him a German Emmy and a Rose d’Or and confirmed him as a sought-after development professional.

Mike has worked with Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, Daniel Cerone, Adi Hasak and Frank Spotnitz.


Every story has its right shape. Every story has its right place.

What we do


… is about getting your material out there. You have a story and you want to bring it to the marketplace. I will help you do that.

… is real input. Every writer must have gone through the “development hell” at least once in their life. But over and over again? That makes no sense. I am not going to give you general “feel-good tips”, but practical, straightforward, clear ideas about what is missing in your story and where to put it.

… is about getting it done. It is great if you found your voice, but if you did not find it (yet) that is ok, too. In the meantime, it is important to get your material out there.

… is hands-on. I am convinced that every story has its right shape and its right place. If you wrote a story and worked on it a lot, it is not always easy to see that shape and that place. I will help you get a clear vision of where you stand and where to go from here.

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