The Pitch

The right advice to tell your story when you need it. No more and no less. I offer fast, efficient and no-frills development support with an eye on the result.

The Promise

From Aristotle to Linda Seger, there are a dozen great approaches to help a writer tell their story
But how do you know which one is best for you and the challenges you face right now?

You can read a dozen long books – or you use Totellastory’s service and learn to use
The Toolbox.
I have analyzed the most important works about writing, extracted the wisdom, and condensed it into ten short, digestible papers

You can find them for free in
The Toolbox 

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The STARTER PACKAGE is a detailed assessment of your idea. Send us your idea in any shape or form, a video or audio file, ideas jotted down, graphics or your product description.
You will get an assessment that will be the first step on your journey to a complete story!
And much more! (see below)

Choose the BASIC, STANDARD, PRO or ULTIMATE PACKAGE if you are ready to start your journey to a complete story. You’ll get professional development coverage, 2, 4, 8, or 12 bi-weekly 30 min 1:1 consultation meetings (Skype/FaceTime/Zoom/Hangout) on story arch, characters, story structure, creating suspense and how to sell your story.
















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Features Starter Basic Standard Pro Ultimate
Story Assesment
Coverage + 2 consultations on
story structure
2 consultations on characters
4 consultations on building
your arch
4 consultations on prepping
your pitch
3 pitching leads, prep and

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Each package comes with a 7-day-money-back guarantee. If you are not convinced after seven days, you will get your full amount paid back, no questions asked.

It does what the name says, it gets you started. Finding a way to start is often the most difficult and sensitive moment on a storyteller’s journey. This package contains the tools you need to make the first steps. It will also provide you with a roadmap for the rest of your journey and give you a very good idea on what to expect if you continue to work with me.

Come with what you have. The most important thing is the drive, will and resolve to write. Everything else follows. No matter if you have an idea jotted down on half a page, or if you have a recording of your unordered thoughts, or a bunch of designs of your characters. We will take it from where you are.

The emails are tailored to you, your story and the stage of development you are in.
Each email will contain an assignment directly related to your story. You will also receive a manual for a creative game, a reading or watching recommendation, an excerpt of The Toolbox  with advice that is applicable to your story, and an assessment of your previous homework.

You can start where you want. If you are at the very beginning of your journey as a storyteller you want to try the STARTER or BASIC PACKAGES. If you have already created some material and want to go the whole nine yards, the STANDARD or PRO PACKAGEs are a good choice. And if you are already half way down the road, the PREMIUM PACKAGE is for you, because it includes the necessary steps to get your material out there.

Do not worry. You will get there. Sometimes, the way may be a winding road, and you may lose sight of the end. But I will guide you through the process. I have worked successfully with hundreds of writers and I have been in the process of writing myself many times. I know what it takes to make it through it and I will make sure you have what you need to succeed.

The Toolbox  is an instrument I have worked on for more than 15 years. I analyzed the works of most famous story consultants, from Aristotle to Linda Seger, and summarized their approach to understanding a story and to help writers on their journey to complete their stories.

In order to make this a tool as useful as possible to writers, I took a very famous movie, Chinatown (Robert Towne/Roman Polanski) and put each theory to the test. I chose Chinatown because it is widely regarded as a movie with a perfect structure, a pinnacle of storytelling to this day. The test I did shows you the tools of each story consultant at work and it enables you to understand if these tools are useful to you at the given moment of your journey.

If you have completed one package, no matter which one, and you want to continue your journey to become an accomplished storyteller with us, you can choose among the other packages and you will get a 10% discount on the package that you chose.

You certainly can, however the packages are designed to deal with a single story at one time. You can of course take a package with one story and later take the same package with another story.

You can try these courses out. Some are very good, some of the best teachers are my dear friends. I have made the experience that writing and helping writers is a very personal business. My method gives you the time you need to develop your material and the tools that are best suited for you in 1:1 sessions. Groups are sometimes great, but they can also be intimidating. If you feel comfortable sharing your material in a group, by all means, try one of the courses. If you feel that you need some time before going out there, consider taking one of my packages and enjoy the safe and personalized approach of one or more 1:1 meetings.

I like, and have worked, on all kinds of stories, from TV series, to biographies, from documentaries to thrillers, very personal material as well as company histories. I am versatile, very experienced, flexible and endlessly curious. Be assured that I will dedicate my craft and my tools to get you where you want to be with your story.

Check out The Toolbox I have researched each and every theory there is out there about how to write stories and I have them all put to a test. I have learned a lot, especially that there is not one tool that fits all sizes. I will find what is best suited to your needs.