Every story has its right shape. Every story has its right place.

Let me help you find both.

I offer fast, efficient, no frills development.
Story development is as much about who writes as it is about who the story is for.
My goal is your goal: Get to a story that engages your audience, as fast as possible.
From Aristotle to Linda Seger, many great and wise story consultants have found ways to nudge you along the road towards THE END. I have analyzed their works and extracted the wisdom out of their books, condensing them to ten short, digestible papers. You can find them for three in The Toolbox.
No need to reinvent the wheel: I use their knowledge. But instead of throwing entire books at you I will give you only what you need, when you need it from this treasure trove of wisdom.
Other consultants help you to find your roots, to question your subconscious, to listen to your inner voice. And it’s okay if you need that. But if it is important to you to get your story in shape in order to bring it out there and get results, try totellastory and save yourself the detour through the depths of your soul.

My services include:

  • Initial assessment of screenplay, pilot script or series concept
  • Consultation packages (Skype or FaceTime (30 min/week)
  • Coaching and preparing for pitches and presentations,
  • Strategizing in building relationships with US studios, production companies, buyers, agencies and management companies.

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