Why you should consider using The Toolbox?

When I started writing I looked for advice anywhere. At the time there was not much more around than Syd Field’s wonderful book “Screenplay” (which you can check out in out Toolbox (totellastory.net/the-toolbox), still a bestseller today (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000S1LAYG/) and deservedly so. Syd’s language fortunately clicked with me and I understood what he wanted me to do. But many fellow writers debated his approach. “Why do I need an ‘inciting incident’ on page 10?” they asked and found it all way too formulaic. After Syd’s success with “Screenplay” many books followed and eventually all my fellow writers found someone whose language and approach ‘clicked’ with them. Some became avid followers of Christopher Vogler, others swore by Linda Seger. What I learned was that you need a teacher who speaks to you, who speaks a language you understand. That’s when I started to look at all the dramaturgical approaches out there and I decided that I could do something to help my fellow writers on their way to success. The Toolbox offers you short, comprehensive summaries of what is in a particular book, including the language that the teacher who wrote it uses to explain themselves. All you need to do is sift through them and see who ‘clicks’ with you. Have fun and see you on your way to become an accomplished writer!

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